December 17, 2017

Fine Tune Your Career as a Professional Entertainer

A Great Demo Reel – For Free

I wanted to share some news from a GetMoreCorporateGigs alumni that has recently done something I talk about in the course – allowing someone else to create a demo reel for you – for free!

There are college and university students in every city in the world that are required to create projects or creative works to complete their course work. And how many of them are sitting there without an original idea?

Most of them.

The win/win here is for you to find these people and let them compete for the honor of producing a killer demo reel for you!

How’s that for turning the tables?

Yep – by announcing it through an on-campus post, via a department professor, or an ad in a school paper or website you can actually have talented students with time, equipment, and desire auditioning to create your top selling tool – a rocking good video that tells the story of how you can serve potential clients.

I want to show you this one that was produced by 3 students at Sacramento State College for Dave Nachmanoff. His first official music video an it was done by people who were thanking him at the end of the day.

I hope Dave’s leap of faith will inspire you to stop thinking that you have to do things the same old way. Look for ways, everyday, that you can help people by letting them help you. Opportunities are waiting for you – step up!


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  • Robert Harms

    This is a brilliant idea. I live by two huge universities that both have departments I will contact tomorrow. I keep meaning to join this site. I think I’ll do it now!

  • Steph at Book More Brides

    This is a great idea, Barry. I’m always looking for inexpensive ways to promote and market. This one is even better because it’s FREE!

    Definitely adding this to my marketing arsenal. 🙂

  • Scott Painter

    I’ve given away 2 video projects in the last week. One to a web designer running for political office and one to a dj at a wedding reception of a mutual client.
    It all revolves around the law

  • Bryan Fulton

    Barry your gift of genius never ceases to amaze me. Just brilliant. Thanks for letting me drink the Kool Aid!

  • Jason Alexander

    Yeah that’s a sweet video. I’d wager these “students” care more about the finished product they produce than a lot of services you could hire 🙂

  • Eric Henning

    As Jeff McBride is fond of saying, “People support what they create.”

  • Raven

    It’s a brill idea to use students for this and other stuff. There are a number of courses that require students to do/make or participate in real world versions of what they are learning. So, first port of call, hum, is there a course teaching this stuff, needing practice?

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