December 17, 2017

Fine Tune Your Career as a Professional Entertainer

Power of Networking

Just read an article about networking by Jeri Goldstein. She runs and we have become virtual friends over the past few months.

I teach a module on live networking in ShowBiz Blueprint because it is a lost art that, if mastered, can easily add an additional zero or two or three to your annual income.

Here is the article. Pick at least one action from it and put it to use this week. Especially if it takes you outside your comfort zone!

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  • Janice Lozada

    Great advice and a fine resource as well. Will start using the daily journal to write down my projects, and keep engaging with contacts. After all we never know who we may be talking to. Could be that one person that can help me break through to a whole new level in my career!

    Thanks for the thought provoking content, Barry, and especially for the challenge!

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