December 17, 2017

Fine Tune Your Career as a Professional Entertainer

Working for Free…

I read everything by Seth Godin, and you probably should, too!  His ideas consistently spark new thoughts for me in business and life.

This entry, I believe, speaks to something we as entertainers are faced with way too often.


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  • Fred Moore

    When I first started out, I would go to night clubs and perform in between the bands sets for free to work on my material. BUT that was when I was just starting out! Now I would be hard-pressed to walk across the street for free!

    Conversely I am now getting into the speaking side of performing and am do just that. Speaking for FREE! I need to justify (maybe just to myself) that the material I’m doing is worth money.

    I totally understand what Seth is talking about and agree. Sometimes it is worth it.

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